We carry one of the largest selections of pet food in the entire northeast. Each brand has been meticulously selected so you can purchase the food with confidence. You'll find the most reputable brands available in many different flavors and varieties. We are committed to helping you find a small animal food that meets your dietary goals as a pet owner, as well as your budget. That's why all of our pet foods come with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Small Animal Toys & Treats

Providing treats and toys for your pet presents many benefits that help to enrich their lives and ensure successful positive-reinforcement training. A pet's behavior is highly reward oriented and offering the right special incentive can help to establish desired patterns and habits. Our shelves are fully stocked with hundreds of toys and treats so you can be sure to find just the right reward for your furry friend.

Pets with Allergies and Food Sensitivities
Just like people, every animal is different and presents a unique set of dietary challenges. That's why we carry such a wide assortment of foods and treats to cover the entire spectrum of nutritional requirements. From treats that avoid certain proteins to varieties that are grain-free; from soy-free to single-ingredient treats, you are sure to find a delicious reward that pleases your pet and won't cause problems with digestion. 

Observe Your Pet's Behavior with Toys and Treats
As always, we strongly urge all pet owners to carefully supervise their pets when providing any type of food, toy or treat. It is important to know how different products are chewed and/or consumed and how the animal behaves when given certain items. Every animal is different and responsible owners need to be aware of these behaviors in order to ensure the health and safety of your animals.

Small Animal Cages, Bedding, & Litter Product

We're the Upper Valley's one-stop location for all of your small animal supplies. We carry a wide assortment of hutches and cages, as well as all of the necessary bedding materials and pet litters to help keep your little loved ones healthy and happy. We stock many popular brands of supplies, as well as some of the more specialized products. We also work with some of the largest distributors of pet products in the country, so if you require something that we don't currently stock, we'd be happy to look into placing your special orders. Ask for details today.

Small Animal