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Poultry is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for aspiring farmers to provide home-grown food for their families. Raising poultry is relatively easy and inexpensive, and can provide learning and fun for the whole family. West Lebanon Feed & Supply is the region's leading dealer of live poultry. Our poultry-ordering program begins early each spring and we offer select varieties of baby chicks, as well as turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, and started pullets. In addition, our free Backyard Living Poultry-Raising workshops are a favorite for those who are just starting out or returning to raising poultry. 

Feed & Supplies
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Buying Better Birds

We're Your Partner for Healthier Poultry
Quality Counts for Stronger Flocks & Yields

Our Healthier Birds

• Choice Poultry Suppliers
• Safer Handling Procedures
• Hand-Selected Breeds
• Improved Brooder Systems

​It's all in the details. We've set the standard for quality care and handling for your new birds. We use a state-of-the-art brooder system for holding birds awaiting pickup; we provide our own carrier boxes with anti-bacterial liners to help ensure safe handling; we are selective about the suppliers we use and the breeds we carry. All of this is just part of why we are the region's trusted source for poultry care and nutrition. Don't be lured by gimmicks or too-good-to-be-true offers; find the quality and support you need for your flock at WLFS.

Our Fresher Feeds

• Local & Regional Suppliers
• Organic & Non-GMO Options
• Fresh & Frequent Deliveries 
• Trusted Brands

​We know Feed. Since 1926 we've supplied the Greater Connecticut River Valley with the best in quality feed, farming supplies, and so much more. Our commitment to providing the industry's strongest-performing products and the best nutritional advice out there has allowed us to be recognized as a leader among our peers and competitors alike. You'll find only the freshest and best feed options available when you choose to buy from us. Trust the quality and notice the difference!

Quality Care

• Quality Care Supplies
• Equipment for All Needs
• Supplements & Treats
• Hard-to-Find Products
• Special Orders Available

Absolutely everything you need for poultry. We're your one-stop location for all the supplies you need to start and raise your own flock. From incubators to egg cartons, we're here to partner with you for the lifelong of care for your birds. We know that the size and scale of everyone's operation is a bit different; we carry the area's widest assortment of product options to make sure you find just the right solutions for your poultry-raising venture. We're here to support you... we invite you to come see what's new!

Training & Info

• Poultry-Raising Workshops
• "How-to" Resources
• Knowledgeable Staff
• ​Animal Nutrition Expertise
• 90+ Years of Experience

Just Starting Out?

We can help. We're excited to see that animal husbandry skills and values are being passed on to a new generation! Our experience tells us that folks are more concerned than ever about health and nutrition for their families, as well as becoming more self-sustaining in their lifestyle. We don't think anyone should feel lost about where to begin and so we've developed a program to help those who are just starting out to achieve the basic skills and information to get started with poultry-raising and other "backyard living" projects.