Lawn & Garden

Everything You Need to Make Your Garden Grow
Seeds, Soils, and So Much More

We carry seeds and soils designed to help your New England lawns and gardens thrive. Our extensive selection of products have been hand-selected with the home gardener and commercial landscapers in mind. Many of our products are sourced from manufacturers right here in New England so you can always buy with confidence at West Lebanon Feed & Supply. 

Garden Seeds
     High Mowing Organic
     Botanical Interests
     Page's Seeds
     Harts Seeds
     New England Seed
     Spring & Fall Bulbs
     Seed Potatoes
     Onion Sets
     Started Plants
     Asparagus Roots
     Flower Bulbs
     Wildflower Mixes
     And many more...

Grass Seeds
 Conservation Mix
     Early Green Mix
     Play Area Mix
     Shade/Sun Mix
     Premier Lawn Mix
     Slope Mixes
     Winter Rye
     Equine Pasture
     Forage Mixes
     Hay Blends
     Ryes & Fescues
     Timothy & Alfalfa
     And many more...

Food Plots & More
 Antler King Mixes
     Lawn & Field Clovers
     Bio-Logic Blends
     Legume Seeds
     Timothy & Alfalfa
     Clover/Grass Blends
     Specialty Mixes
     And many more...

Soil & Planting Mixes
Moo Doo Products
     Vermont Compost
     Fort Vee & Fort Light
     Grow Compost of VT
     Fafard Soil Products
     Jiffy Mix
     Perlite & Vermiculite
     Growing Mixes
     Peat Moss & Humus
     And much more...


Fertilizers & Mulches
At West Lebanon Feed & Supply we carry a huge selection of fertilizers and mulches designed to make your lawn and garden flourish. You'll find premium bark mulches that work great for flower garden beds, and a wide assortment of organic, conventional, and specialty fertilizers for every season.

   Pine/Spruce Mulch
     Natural Cedar
     Red Cedar
     Black Cedar
     Cocoa Shell
     And much more...

Conventional Fertilizers
     And many more...

Natural and Organic
     Pro Gro
     North Country Organics
     Jobe's Organics
     Safe & Simple
     Neptune's Harvest
     Bone Meal
     Dried Blood
     Green Sand
     Fish Fertilizer
     And much more...

Specialty Products
Penn Mulch
     Espoma Products
     Fertilizer Stakes
     Food Plot Fertilizers
     Acid-Loving Plants
     Miracle Gro Products
     And so many more...

Lime and Soil Treatments
Sometimes it takes a little more than just basic care in order to get that lawn or garden growing right. We're proud to carry a huge selection of specialty lawn & garden products to face even the toughest growing conditions. Whether you require lime or sulfur products to amend pH levels, specialized nutrients to target specific deficiencies, gypsum products to deal with clay-heavy soils, or any other challenge, we're here to help find the right solution. We offer lime in pelletized, granular, pulverized, and hydrated forms, as well as a broad assortment of other soil treatments to meet your needs. And if you require something extra specialized, be sure to ask about our convenient Special Order program. With access to some of the largest distributors in the country, we'll be glad to try and order just what you're looking for to make your lawn or garden flourish.

Insect Control Solutions
You'll find a large variety of insect control products for lawn and garden on the shelves of our store. We carry everything from conventional insecticides to natural and organic solutions and everything in between. Whether you are attempting to eradicate insects from your plants, your animals, your home, or any other unwanted infestations, you'll find the entire spectrum of insect control sprays, granules, topical treatments, and much more at West Lebanon Feed & Supply!

Weed Control and Herbicide Products
We carry everything from weed control and herbicide sprays to pre-emergence solutions, lawn treatments, weed-block fabrics, weeding tools, and so much more! Our wide assortment of options means that you'll find the appropriate potency to meet your specific needs. And as always, our knowledgeable staff is available to help answer your weed-control questions and assist you in finding the right lawn and garden solution for you.


Pond Treatments
We stock an assortment of pond-treatment products for controlling unwanted aquatic plants in your backyard pond. You'll find everything from copper-based algaecides to barley straw products, light-inhibiting water dyes, and so much more. Treating water sources can be challenging, so it's important to seek the advice of experts to help ensure that you apply treatments safely and effectively. In addition, pond treatments may be subject to local, state, and/or federal regulations, so be sure to understand those restrictions and seek help when necessary. If you have questions about treating your backyard pond, our knowledgeable staff are happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your situation.

Water Softening
For your convenience, we also carry an assortment of bagged water treatment products. From solar salt crystals to potassium chloride to rust-remover pellets and more, we are truly the Upper Valley's one-stop location for home and garden needs. Contact us today in order to determine if we carry the water softening products you require. If we don't stock a particular product, we'll be happy to search our distributors and look into placing a Special Order to get you the product you need.