Large Animal & Livestock

Livestock can refer to so many different types of animals and they can be raised for such a wide variety of reasons. From trout to cattle, emus to dairy goats, we've got the feed products you need to keep your livestock healthy and growing. West Lebanon Feed & Supply has been in the animal feed business since 1926 and we've seen many changes over the years. The farming industry in New Hampshire and Vermont may not be the same as it was all those decades ago, but our store is still committed to providing the same quality feeds and supplies that we have for nearly a century.

When it comes to livestock, it's important to provide quality nutrition to keep your herds healthy and strong. We're one of the largest animal feed and supply dealers in the region, so you can be sure to find all the products you need for raising and caring for your large animals under one roof. And with access to some of the largest animal supply distributors in the country, we'll be glad to special order even the most highly-specialized products for all your pet and animal needs.


Find the Right Products to Fit Your Needs
With an entire warehouse dedicated to our feed inventory, you don't have to worry about settling for a grain that doesn't quite meet the nutrition requirements of your herd or flock. And in addition to feed and supplements, you'll find plenty of supplies to ensure that your animals are healthy and happy. From newborns to mature animals and everything in between, we carry an assortment of hand-selected items to meet the demands of our customers. If there's something special that you don't see on our shelves, be sure to ask and we will do all we can to get it for you. With access to some of the largest animal product distributors in the country, we are happy to help you find those unique products you require for raising your livestock.

Special Orders for Zoo Diets and More
Because each and every animal presents a unique set of dietary needs and challenges, we carry such a wide assortment of foods and treats to cover the entire spectrum of nutritional requirements. Since there are so many varieties of animals making our area their home, we work hard to find even some of the most remote diets to meet your specific needs. Some of the products we have ordered in the past have included diets for camels, monkeys, zebras, emus, mini-pigs, and more. If you need something special, please don't hesitate to make your request and we will do all we can to find it for you.