We Carry Over 45 Brands of Pet Food and

Hundreds of

Toys & Treats!

Our Commitment to You
We understand that they aren't just your pets, they're members of your family. We specialize in animal nutrition and we work with some of the nation's largest pet food distributors to ensure that you have the best brands available to you at incredible prices. We're here to help you find just the right food to help provide your pet with the nutrition they need to live a healthy and happy life by your side.

Our Dog Food Selection
We carry one of the largest selections of dog food in the entire northeast. Each brand has been meticulously selected so you can purchase the food with confidence. You'll find the most reputable brands available in dozens of flavors and varieties. We are committed to helping you find a dog food that meets your dietary goals as a pet owner, as well as your budget. That's why all of our pet foods come with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Dog Toys & Treats
Providing treats and toys for your dog presents many benefits that help to enrich their lives and ensure successful positive-reinforcement training. A dog's behavior is highly reward oriented and offering the right special incentive can help to establish desired patterns and habits. Our shelves are fully stocked with hundreds of toys and treats so you can be sure to find just the right reward for your four-legged friend. Remember that your dog aims to please and with the right training & tools, you can provide him or her with years of happiness and contentment.

Whether you are looking for delicious treats to aid in potty or behavior training, toys for exercise and activity, tools to train sporting dogs, or something to help with crate training or boredom, we have everything you need to get the job done. As one of the area's largest pet product retailers, you'll discover that our selection of dog toys, treats, and supplies is second to none. And because every toy is specifically chosen for both quality and function, you can be confident that the products you find on our shelves will meet your needs.


Dogs with Allergies and Food Sensitivities
Just like people, every animal is different and presents a unique set of dietary challenges. That's why we carry such a wide assortment of foods and treats to cover the entire spectrum of nutritional requirements. From treats that avoid certain proteins to varieties that are grain-free; from soy-free to single-ingredient treats, you are sure to find a delicious reward that pleases your dog and won't cause problems with digestion. 

Toys for Even the Toughest Chewers
While no dog toy that exists is 100% indestructible, we have searched high and low to find some of the best, most durable toys and chews that exist on the market today. If you've got a heavy chewer, be sure to check with our staff so that we can find a selection of toys best suited to accommodate your canine friend. We're confident that we've got toys for every dog; large or small, young or old, and everything in between. And remember, if you're not sure what to get, why not bring your dog right into the store to pick out a toy or treat of their own. As long as dogs are leashed and friendly, we welcome them to come in for a visit!

Observe Your Dog's Behavior with Toys and Treats
As always, we strongly urge all pet owners to carefully supervise their pets when providing any type of food, toy or treat. It is important to know how different products are chewed and/or consumed and how the animal behaves when given certain items. Every dog is different and responsible owners need to be aware of these behaviors in order to ensure the health and safety of your animals.


Dog Health & Wellness Supplies
West Lebanon Feed & Supply is dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets. In addition to our wide selection of pet products and supplies, we provide on-site grooming through our Clean Paws Full-Service Grooming facility. Because of our emphasis on total pet care, we have become known as one of New England's premier Animal Well-care Facilities. 

Although "Pet Supplies" is an incredibly broad and generic description of what you'll find in our store, our dynamic inventory of pet products is unsurpassed in the Upper Valley and we encourage you to see for yourself all of the wonderful options available in one location. Because we are focused on total care, we're confident you'll find everything you need to provide the best life for your pets: from collars and leads to diet supplements; flea & tick treatments to cozy pet beds; pet doors to potty-training supplies...every product for every life stage, from newborn puppies to senior dogs.


Flea and Tick Treatments
West Lebanon Feed & Supply is proud to offer SpectraSure, Frontline, Advantage and K9 Advantix at some of the best pricing you'll find. In addition, we carry a variety of other product lines including Durvet No-Bite, Zodiac, Natural Chemistry, and many more to help you eliminate and/or prevent insect problems. You'll find everything from pet bath products and flea collars to carpet sprays and flea bombs. We're your one-stop location for ridding your pets and homes of fleas, ticks, and other biting pests.


Dog Training & Containment
Training refers to so many aspects of pet ownership and is a critical component of providing a happy and fulfilling life for every pet. Dogs typically have a strong desire to please their owners and training challenges often come as a result of our limited understanding of canine behavior and/or limited resources and time. At West Lebanon Feed & Supply, we understand the importance of proper training, as well as the challenges associated with doing so, and we work hard to provide the knowledge, expertise, and tools that will help you train your best friend.


Pet Containment Solutions
Creating both physical and behavioral boundaries for dogs will provide them with limits and command-based comprehension that can actually help them to live safer, more fulfilling lives. Since a dog's behavior is based largely upon association and reward, utilizing tools that create obvious, consistent boundaries can be a means of enriching your dog's environment.

Quality Products Make the Difference
At West Lebanon Feed & Supply, we strive to offer products that specifically address the most current, effective, and humane training/containment methods. Part of ensuring that training is consistent and safe means using products that are equally safe and reliable. Due to our strict quality standards, you can feel confident that the products on our shelves will provide the best in pet training and containment. Some of our product lines include PetSafe, Sport Dog, Lifestages, Coastal Pet, Staywell, and many more.

We're Here to Help
If you have a specific training question or challenge, we encourage you to discuss it with our knowledgeable staff, who are dedicated to helping you find a solution that works for both you and your pet.

Dog Apparel, Grooming Supplies, & So Much More

Collars, Leads, and Apparel
We're also your home for pet fashion! With such a broad assortment of colorful leads, collars, coats & sweaters, dog booties, accessories, and more, you'll be sure to find appropriate and fashionable wear for every season. Nothing helps to express your pet's colorful personality like the outerwear to match; stop in today and explore our assortment of fashionable pet products.

Pet Beds and Other Products
You're sure to find what you need for any situation at WLFS. And if we don't have it, we can usually get it. We have a huge selection of pet beds designed to provide the best in "creature comforts" to your furry loved ones. You'll also find grooming supplies, pet doors, car seat covers, blankets, vehicle restraints, pet dishes, training supplies, and so much more.

You'll Find Everything for Your Furry Loved Ones
With aisle after aisle dedicated to the finest products for pets, it's simply impossible to list everything that's available in our one-of-a-kind retail store. We've worked hard to make our selection unique and exciting, and we're always adding new products and responding to requests and suggestions from our customers. If you haven't visited our store lately, we encourage you to stop in today and see what's new at West Lebanon Feed & Supply.